Thursday, October 22, 2009

Not good news....

When my phone rings at 6am I know something
is wrong.
Mike's (aka Pookie)dad was taken to the hospital this morning.
He's 82 so a trip to the hospital is never good.
I'm leaving for California from Utah this afternoon, and
Pookie is leaving from Colorado.
We'll meet up in San Francisco and then off to the
I love Pop. He's been my dad for almost 30 years
now. I can't even think about not having him
Say a little prayer for us, would ya?
I sure would appreciate it.


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Our Disneyland Vacation, Part 1

Okay, I know some of you are thinking Disneyland,
what's the big deal???

I've been to some interesting places.

I've lived in Turkey, and quite a few states
in the good ol' USA.
I've vacationed in Jamaica, Cayman Islands, Mexico,
Italy, Greece, England and Canada.

So, when Pook asked me where I wanted to go
for my birthday-anywhere in the world that we
could get to and back within 9 days-
of course I said DISNEYLAND!

Uh Duh! lol

I hadn't been there for a few years, and I
had a hankerin' for the happiest place on earth!

So, we took off in the car and I couldn't wait to
get there.

Pookie had made reservations at The Grand Californian Hotel
and Spa, right there at the park.
We usually stay at the Disneyland Hotel,
but we hadn't visited since the new changes,
which added The California Adventure park,
Downtown Disney and the new hotel.

We had trouble with my camera and I lost
quite a few great pics. So the pics are from
mine, from Dh's camera and some I found
online so you could get a true feel for the place.

We arrived on the last day of "Gay Days"
One of my closest friends, Mike, is gay, so I had
Pookie pose for this picture outside the conference
room at the hotel.

When you check in, you are in the most gorgeous lobby!

It is decorated in the Arts & Crafts style and no detail
was overlooked.

The floor is done in the
most intricate mosaic tile work
I've ever seen.
It was stunning!

When we got to the room, we were pleasantly

We had a beautiful suite with a park view.
This picture doesn't do it justice.

The room was wonderful and the bathroom was great.
They supplied us with
the most heavenly smelling shampoo, lotions, etc.
Mouthwash too.
I'd never seen mouthwash in a hotel before!
(It takes so little to thrill

The location was convienient too. You could walk right out of the
hotel and you were at the entrance to both parks. Or, take the
monorail right into Disneyland. On the way to the monorail you
walk thru all the great cafes, restaurants and shopping
at Downtown Disney.
I was in heaven!

After we got settled we walked out to Downtown Disney and did
a little shopping.
The Pookster is enamored with pirates and says "ARRRRRRR"
any chance he

Usually he's a quiet guy, but place him next
to a pirate and he can be a real
knucklehead. :0)

Some more of Downtown Disney, on our way to the monorail.

The Downtown Disney shopping area is just as pretty at night.

We were blessed with perfect weather,
day and night.
Not very crowded either.
I guess it pays to be born in October, eh?

I'm going to stop here as it's after midnight
and I'm pooped.
I'll post the rest of the trip tomorrow.

Hugs, Gayle

Sunday, October 18, 2009

We're a little bummed :0(

As many of you know, we sold our home this last
summer because Pookie was asked by his
employer if he would consider
relocating to the Colorado Division.
They wanted to be able to bid and go after larger jobs
and Pookie has that kind of experience.

Before he had to show up this past Monday, we took
a vacation and celebrated my birthday in Disneyland.
(Pics will be posted soon)

A few days after we returned, he headed off to Colorado.

That was last Monday.

Because he was supposed to retire 5 years ago,
(promises we decided
not to move the whole house to another
state, until he knew for sure
that he wanted to keep working.

Another consideration was that
my whole family is here, and I'm living in a very
safe place, (chief of police is right next door, and the city planner
is across the street, the mayor is right at the end of the block)
in a great interim rental home.
It's the pink palace but it's a great home.

And, my trusty 9mm is loaded and right
beside my bed, just in case.

No worries.

I did see a home for sale in Colorado that I was
excited about, but didn't want to move on that
until we know exactly where we'll end up.

So, Pookie left and last week was the first week he was gone.

They've been very nice and gave him every Friday off, so he could drive
or fly home and we'd still have some time together on the weekends.

I'm doing pretty well.......but Ziggy.....that is another story.
From the minute Pookie left, this was what I was dealing with...

(click to enlarge.)

Do you see his head tilted up, looking at the doorknob???

(Just to let you know how tight these two are, the picture shown
below was taken the evening we moved into our wonderful
old Victorian fixer-upper, a little over 6 years ago.
We were exhausted.
Everybody had just showered and cleaned up and I went into the kitchen
to make a little dinner. I hadn't been out of the room 20 minutes
when I saw this....)

Anyway, back to this:

That dog would not budge.
I called him,
I petted and loved him up,
I tried to discuss the matter with him,
finally trying to tempt him with
his favorite dog bone...a little ice cream......etc.

He knew something was up because
Dad had packed a suitcase and that's never a good sign.

He stayed right there, staring at that door knob for HOURS!
And, that is no exaggeration.
Literally..... for hours!

Finally, I picked him up, which was no easy task,
he weighs 40 lbs!, and forced him to go outside in
the backyard so we could play and have some fun.
You know, try and take our minds off of everything.

Then I got this......

He's looking for his Dad's work truck that is usually parked right
there in the driveway when he's home.

And, he stayed, and stayed, and stayed,
just like that.....for a long long time.
I went back in the house, did some dusting, laundry and went
back out to check on him.

And there he was....still.....

Poor Ziggy.

It's going to be another long 4 days......

I promise I'll post my vacation pics. I'm
just been a little bummed at the moment.


Thursday, October 15, 2009

And fun was had by all. :0)

Lots has happened since we returned from vacation.....
but, let me start with what led up to
the actual birthday-day and vacation.

A day before we left, when I
was trying to get everything ready for the
trip, I heard ding-dong and these
were left for me.

My favorite roses.
From Pookie.
And they smelled divine!

They kinda remind me of apricot and raspberry sorbet.
Then, about 15 minutes later another....ding dong.......

And, these beauties arrived from my mom.

I placed them on the kitchen counter to detract from
the mauve.
I am so good!

Why you don't even notice it anymore, do ya??
(Remember, it's a rental. Have mercy)

I was feeling pretty darn special at this point.

Then, I received a call from a local furniture store
telling me that my iron bed that I'd ordered a few weeks before
was in and could they deliver it today?
Uh...YEAH! lol

I was so excited!

I had an antique iron bed in my previous home, that when we moved, went to my niece.

This was her first official family heirloom being passed down and she was SO excited!!
Do you remember the old bed from the RMS days?

It took me FOREVER to find an actual IRON bed. They
makes tons of them from steel, but I wanted one that
was iron, and made the old fashioned way. After weeks
and weeks of searching, I found a company, in the USA that
make them.

So, I contacted the local store to see if they could order it for me.

They were so nice to help me and I ordered this one. And I love it!

It took awhile to arrive as they make them when the order is placed.
You can choose whatever finish you want.
They did a gorgeous job.
I chose black because that's what I had painted the antique one.


Please remember, I sold all my bedding from every bedroom
when we sold our home, so the bedding is just temporary until
I can find the absolute perfect linens to go with the new bed.
That will be my next adventure.


Okay, I'm pooped for today but will post the vacation pics tomorrow.
I've GOT to get around to everybody out there and
say hi.

Hugs, Gayle