Sunday, October 18, 2009

We're a little bummed :0(

As many of you know, we sold our home this last
summer because Pookie was asked by his
employer if he would consider
relocating to the Colorado Division.
They wanted to be able to bid and go after larger jobs
and Pookie has that kind of experience.

Before he had to show up this past Monday, we took
a vacation and celebrated my birthday in Disneyland.
(Pics will be posted soon)

A few days after we returned, he headed off to Colorado.

That was last Monday.

Because he was supposed to retire 5 years ago,
(promises we decided
not to move the whole house to another
state, until he knew for sure
that he wanted to keep working.

Another consideration was that
my whole family is here, and I'm living in a very
safe place, (chief of police is right next door, and the city planner
is across the street, the mayor is right at the end of the block)
in a great interim rental home.
It's the pink palace but it's a great home.

And, my trusty 9mm is loaded and right
beside my bed, just in case.

No worries.

I did see a home for sale in Colorado that I was
excited about, but didn't want to move on that
until we know exactly where we'll end up.

So, Pookie left and last week was the first week he was gone.

They've been very nice and gave him every Friday off, so he could drive
or fly home and we'd still have some time together on the weekends.

I'm doing pretty well.......but Ziggy.....that is another story.
From the minute Pookie left, this was what I was dealing with...

(click to enlarge.)

Do you see his head tilted up, looking at the doorknob???

(Just to let you know how tight these two are, the picture shown
below was taken the evening we moved into our wonderful
old Victorian fixer-upper, a little over 6 years ago.
We were exhausted.
Everybody had just showered and cleaned up and I went into the kitchen
to make a little dinner. I hadn't been out of the room 20 minutes
when I saw this....)

Anyway, back to this:

That dog would not budge.
I called him,
I petted and loved him up,
I tried to discuss the matter with him,
finally trying to tempt him with
his favorite dog bone...a little ice cream......etc.

He knew something was up because
Dad had packed a suitcase and that's never a good sign.

He stayed right there, staring at that door knob for HOURS!
And, that is no exaggeration.
Literally..... for hours!

Finally, I picked him up, which was no easy task,
he weighs 40 lbs!, and forced him to go outside in
the backyard so we could play and have some fun.
You know, try and take our minds off of everything.

Then I got this......

He's looking for his Dad's work truck that is usually parked right
there in the driveway when he's home.

And, he stayed, and stayed, and stayed,
just like that.....for a long long time.
I went back in the house, did some dusting, laundry and went
back out to check on him.

And there he was....still.....

Poor Ziggy.

It's going to be another long 4 days......

I promise I'll post my vacation pics. I'm
just been a little bummed at the moment.



  1. Hi Gayle:
    Poor Ziggy:
    Not even some ice cream would help : (
    He is a faithful companion. Poor guy : (
    I hope he realizes everything will be okay soon.peace

  2. This is just the cutest thing! Dogs are such loyal companions aren't they...and it sounds like he just loovveess your hubby! I've got one that's attached to me in the same way. When I'm home, Jake won't even look in my hubby's direction. His eyes are for me!

    We are planning on moving to Colorado ourselves by next summer. What area(s) are you looking in?

  3. Aw, the poor Zigmeister!!!! I think it's totally sweet how attached he is to Pookie, but the poor thing has to go on with life in between his daddy being home! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

    Did Pookie look at that house in CO?

    Justine :o )

  4. Poor Ziggy. He's so confused - dad is home for a weekend, then leaves him again.
    Murphy, my cocker was that way if dad left for a short trip. He'd stay by the front door till the wee hours, then would finally come to bed. Hang in there! ♥ Diane

  5. Dear Gayle..
    first..thanks for the sweet note..
    went to Vegas for 5 days.. had a great time, came home with pockets fuller than when i left home..have been dealing with employment problems..interviews, very promising, then an email stating.. thanks for your interest but..
    so have been bummed out..was working on my BLUE MONDAY post when i saw your sweet note..
    again thanks..
    now to Zig,, my cat BeBe is the same way, I am never out of her sight..and when i go home to Florida, she sleeps in my desk chair in my sweat shirt..loyal to a T!
    so..are you gonna move to Colorado..or not?
    sure would be fun meeting you.. am really looking forward to that one of these days!
    ♥hugs and smiles!

  6. Gayle..that should have read..UNemployment!

  7. Awwww.....poor Ziggy! Cockers can put on the saddest faces too!
    When Roy is feeling his worst, Joe Cocker won't leave his side. They are such loving, loyal dogs.
    Thanks for stopping by, I'm enjoying reading through your blog and getting to know you. Come back and visit anytime~

  8. Our poodle used to do that too. It's so sad, give Ziggy a big hug from Auntie Bridget!
    I hope you are doing well. It was nice to hear from you. I trust you had a nice birthday trip? I'm dealing with a sick daughter right now...hope I don't get whatever crude it is she has!

  9. Awww, those pics of Ziggy are down right pathetic! I feel so bad for you guys, especially Ziggy, since he doesn't understand his daddy will be back. :(