Thursday, December 3, 2009

WOW 2 Posts In One Day!

Since I posted earlier this afternoon,
I've received a couple of emails asking for some closeups.
In that time, I managed to decorate the mantel and thought
I'd include that too.

*Please see the previous post for the background
information on most of the decorating.

When Pookie and I got married in 1982,
he started a tradition of giving me a heart ornament every year
at Christmas.
Some were new, some were old, but I loved
every one of them.

The first things I searched for when I looked
at the tree all pretty and decorated were my
heart ornaments.

The very first one I got from him was a beautiful large
locket that opens.

Etched on the outside of the heart is:
First Christmas Together 1982

The next year it was a pretty bisque heart within a heart
that simply says:
Love 1983, in gold writing.

And one year it was this gorgeous blown glass heart.

That's just a little example from my collection.
I could post all 27 but that might be overdoing it. :0)

A little closer picture of the tree.

I was so excited about what my sweet neighbor had done,
(see other post)
that I got out some things for the mantel and in a few hours I'd
come up with this:

The mantel runs the whole length of the room so
I had to divide the pictures.

Left side:


And the right side:

I love the Santa and the metal snowflakes.
I've had both for years.

I also put out my absolute favorite Christmas card
It's from 1984 and it's a Mary Engelbreit.
I just love the sentiment.

When we moved this past summer, Miss LaDaun was there
helping me unpack.

So, as I came across all my favorites
I told her all the stories behind my beloved goodies,

so she knew where everything was and how much they all meant
to me.

One person emailed me and requested some more pics
of the table setting.
I think it looks just as gorgeous at night!

Hey, look what I found out you can do with
the Kodak picture program.

How fun!

This is using the "cartoon" option.

The now famous Miss LaDaun,
(she's married with 5 kids, so I don't know why I call her Miss LaDaun)
was my realtor and I moved in right across the street from her.

She was the one who told me about the "Pink Palace / Mauve Mansion"
to rent.

(For that explanation you'll have to go back a few posts)

The owners left their dining table and chairs for us to use, as
I had sold my set to the couple who bought
our home....along with almost everything I owned.

That too, is explained in a previous post.

Here is a closeup of the china and crystal:

Unfortunately, I don't know the pattern name for
the clear crystal.
They are antique and have been collected over the years.
The same goes for the knife rests. I have eight
and most of them don't match.

The china pattern is from Johnson Brothers, England.
Pattern name is: Dorchester

Okay, I'm pooped now.
I'm sure you all can complete a post alot quicker than I

This has taken me hours!

Pookie and I are back on the road tomorrow.
I'm not sure when we'll be back this time.
I might even have my mother-in-law, Birdie, with us then.
It's all up in the air at this point.

It's been fun sharing my Christmas decor with you
wonderful ladies out there.
Getting to know you all has made each day a little
sweeter for me.

Thank you for your friendship, it is greatly treasured
and appreciated.



  1. I'm still amazed and in awe of your wonderful neighbor! I'd like to move on your street and be neighbors with you both!

    Everything looks beautiful!

  2. Everything looks so beautiful, Gayle. I'm glad you found the time to do this for yourself, in between traveling back and forth to see Pop. Did you mean you may bring Birdie back to live with you?
    I pray that everything goes as God intended and that you and Pookie can still enjoy the Christmas holiday. Love you!

    Justine :o )

  3. Love the sentiment that started a collection .. the hearts are gorgeous.

    Merry Christmas, TTFN ~ Marydon
    ~~NEW BLOG~~

  4. Aloha Gayle
    found your blog while searching for the Johnson bros china. I have a set of the dorchester and am trying to determine what year mine were made. On back just says "johnson bros" England with a crown emblem. Do you know what year these were made?
    Your table looked gorgeous