Monday, January 4, 2010

Bye for now

Hello sweet ladies out there.

Thank you for stopping by and leaving
such nice, comforting messages for me and Pookie.

If I've learned one thing from this blogging experience, it's
that you don't have to meet someone face-to-face,
to grow to love them and appreciate them.

As you know, my father-in-law passed away
on December 28th. But what you don't know
is that two days later my mother-in-law, who is
81, fell in a parking lot and broke her hip.
It was quite a bad break.
They had to delay surgery to try and stabilize her
blood pressure which was over 220.
She isn't doing as well as expected.

I can't seem to get excited about blogging or decorating,
or anything for that matter.
Believe me, I've tried to psych myself up.

I'm just worried.

I've lost my "oomph" I guess, and can't seem to
find it. Anywhere.
Maybe some time will help?

So, for now, I'm going to give each and everyone of
you sweet ladies out there a huge hug and an even
bigger THANK YOU for being my friend.

You are all so wonderful.

Do you know how special you are???

What sweet spirits you possess???
I hope so.

I wish you all nothing but the wonderful things you deserve
in the new year.

All my love and deepest heartfelt thanks,



  1. Gayle, you poor thing, and poor Pookie and his mom. I can't even imagine what a toll this has taken on all of you. I don't blame you for having lost your oomph. Just don't leave us permanently. Get your shit together, get your mil well, then get your butt back in the computer chair. At least try and check in with a real quicky in the next weeks so we know how she's doing.

    Keep strong, but also allow yourself to be weak at times

    Love you,
    Justine :o )

  2. I am so very sorry to hear about your MIL. Truly, when it rains it pours but thankfully, this too shall pass.

    I'll be keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers. We'll be here when your oomph returns! Take care!

  3. Gayle, I feel terrible that you and your family are going through a really rough patch right now. Under the circumstances it is not surprising your focus is on other things besides blogging and decorating. Please don't delete your blog though. You might find that it is a good outlet for stress and a resource for support. It is perfectly okay to let it sit dormant and if/when you decide to return, we'll be here. Will be thinking of you...

  4. Gayle, I'm praying for you and your entire family. We had a family shock over the holidays as well and the loss of two dear friends the week between Christmas and New years and it does knock things out of you. You will be missed and I am so glad that we have been able to form this sweet friendship. Take care of yourself sweet.

  5. Gayle, will be keeping you and your family in my thouhts and prayers....will be thinking of you...please come back...hugs PAT H

  6. Big hugs to you sweet lady. Please take care of yourself and Pookie.
    I'll say lots of prayers for your MIL!

  7. Hi Gayle,

    So sorry to hear about your father in law, and mother-in-law. There is a lot on your plate right now. Please don't delete your blog. As Shari said, it may be an outlet for you. there are a lot of great ladies out here. Warm thoughts and prayers are coming your way. Be well.


  8. Oh, Gayle, I missed all of this because of my own medical needs. So sorry of your loss & your MIL.

    Gayle, just write your daily thoughts & we are here to hold you up & share with you, trust me.
    Prayers for your family.
    Have a beautiful week.
    Huggers, TTFN ~ Marydon

    PS Please make sure your settings are to follow me on our new blog ~