Sunday, August 23, 2009

Little by little.....

It's weird, but I feel like I have no reason to blog
since I'm not living in my previous home anymore,
and posting the projects that we worked on.

I did buy a new bed and a little antique table.
Don't look at the decorating...I just plopped a lamp
on there until I get everything situated.

Here's a closeup

Isn't the table cute?? I paid only 25 bucks for that puppy!

A teensy baby step toward replinishing all my
belongings that I sold to the woman who
purchased our home.

She just loves her new old home, and called again
to thank me for selling her the house and all the goodies.

I remember feeling that way, so
excited about the house when we first moved in.
I'm happy for her....most of the

We are currently renting a place that is decorated in the
early 90's motif. I know..I
Think mauve and vertical blinds. But, it's a beautiful
custom home if you can look past the decorating.
It's got all the bells and whistles, a laundry/craft
gift wrap room with a 9 foot counter, corner jacuzzi tub
in the master bath, an unbelieveable walk-in closet,
and a 3 car garage that Pookie is in love with.
(He didn't even have a garage at the old place)

It holds his Packard, with room to spare.

Excuse that picture...but Pookie walked up behind me whilst
I was doing this post and he said..."Hey, why don't you add the
picture of the Packard??? They would enjoy that!!!"

Earth to

The property is on 1/2 acre and it's gorgeous.
You know this excites the Lawn Nazi in me.

Here's the Pookster, talking to his mama(he's a good son)
and bbq'n this afternoon with Ziggy waiting
for something to drop. His usual M.O. lol

I mean really.....look at that lawn!!

And a welcoming entrance.

Everytime I walk thru all 5400 sq ft of it, I think....ohhhh, if
I just changed this or could be soooo pretty!
Who we wait to
hear if we go to Colorado or never know what we
might do.

It's a crap


  1. Morning, Gayle. Oh, what a lovely bed you found. Now Gayle the home you're renting is beautiful! Over 5,000 sp feet? Man~! You could get lost in there. I hope your sadness from selling your old Vicky is getting better. I think this house could help you. Are y'all considering buying it?
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. Gayle, that bed is fantastic! Cute table, and I love the pillows, too. That home and yard is incredible!


  3. Ugh, so you're still in UT? Why did I think you were picking up and leaving right away? Shows how well I pay attention, eh? And why are you renting such a HUGE house for just the two and a half of you? It is totally gorgeous though.

    Justine :o )

  4. Hey Girlie, I am sorry that I have been so MIA! I love the new furniture you bought and I'm going to really try to be a better friend!

  5. oh and p.s. tell Pookie I liked see his Packard (that almost sounds obscene. lol)

  6. Hi Gayle! Oooooh, I love the new bed and little table. Really nice! The rental house sounds wonderful, despite the 90's decor. The exterior and yard sure are pretty. 5400 sq. ft. ?? Seriously?? I can't imagine living in a house that big! Even though you may not feel like you have anything to blog about, I hope you will still stay in touch and keep us posted on this new phase of your life.

  7. You have been on my mind so I just wanted to stop by to say hello and see how you are doing. I think I am starting to gain even more appreciation for what you have been through with "Vicky." Quite unexpectedly, BIG changes might be happening for me and my family and my range of emotions run from being excited and looking forward to the adventure...
    to scared and unsure...
    to sadness...
    to over-the-moon thrilled...
    to overwhelmed...
    to the deepest depths of dispair...
    and then it starts all over again.