Sunday, August 2, 2009


It all started back in November of last year,
when a nice woman, a complete stranger,
walked up the steps and knocked on our front door.
She said she loved our home from the outside,
and would we please, please let her have a tour of the inside.

We actually have quite a bit of people that
ask to see the inside, so we didn't think anything of it.

In she came.

Before she left, she asked if we would sell our home and
made an offer. What she didn't know was that this summer,
we knew there was a possibility that Pookie
would be going back to Colorado
for a big job there that was scheduled to
last at least 2 years.

Knowing this, and knowing that we probably would
be putting the house on the market in the Spring,
we began negotiations and finally came to an
Appraisal and inspection went great and soon we were at
2 weeks till closing.

If you remember back late last year,
the mortgage companies were going a little crazy,
and they made some changes in her financing
that she couldn't handle. They wanted more down payment.

So, the deal was off.

I felt bad, but was secretly relieved.
I just wasn't ready to say goodbye yet, even though
I knew we would probably have to the next year.

I wanted one more Christmas in the home that we love!

Well, spring came very quickly, and the house was listed.
We had painted the shingles and the trim so it looks all spiffy.

After just 1 week on the market we had another really good offer.
But, once again, their mortgage company changed
their requirement, and they couldn't swing it.
He was a self employed person, and they wanted him
to be on the job for 2 1/2 years, instead of the the
previous requirement of 2 years.
There's nothing you can do about a time frame.
It either is or it isn't.

Then, 2 weeks ago, we got another couple
that walked up to the door,
and asked if they could see our house.
They'd retired early, and were looking
for a second home near their family in Provo, Utah.

They made an offer that day.
2 days later we had the inspection and appraisal the same day.
Then we left for Colorado for a couple of days.
And we are supposed to close next week.
The realtor said in her 35 years of selling homes,
this is the fastest closing she's ever had.

AND, the buyers want to up the price and buy it fully furnished.
Right down to my sheets and towels, dishes, furniture...

I am freaking OUT!

Is there such a thing as SELLERS remorse?????????????????

This afternoon I was sitting on my porch, all
by my lonesome and feeling completely overwhelmed.
Right there, rocking in my favorite wicker chair
that I had painted black.

And I sobbed....and sobbed...and sobbed.

Pookie came out looking for me and just stood there and
said, "Bunnie, grab my hand....come off the's going
to be ok"

I think it will.

I hope it will.

It's going to take me some time.


  1. There sure would be with me if I owed this beauty. I don't think I could possibly leave her. I love Utah and always thought if I left Idaho, Utah would be nice. Good luck on the closing.

  2. Wow, Gayle! I truly believe eEverything happens for a reason, and you were probably being prepared emotionally for the move way back in November. Also, things didn't come together for the sale until it was the right one, i.e, selling the home fully furnished for a better price. And, now you have a new adventure to look forward to! :)


  3. Oh. My. Gosh. Gayle! I am sitting here in utter shock. :o I'm all teary-eyed too. Geeez, I can't even imagine what it would be like to not only sell the house you put so much blood, sweat and tears into, but also leave behind all of your belongings. But, look on the bright side...physically it will be an easy move and...think of all the fun you are going to have shopping for all new stuff! Good luck to you in your new adventure. I'm looking forward to hearing all about it. :)

  4. Oh Gayle, I don't know whether to congratulate you, hand you a tissue, or give you a hug. How about all three?
    You should probably be thanking your lucky stars that you got a good price on your beloved house in this market, especially knowing you had to move anyway. And girl, new adventures are coming your way! I've heard CO is absolutely gorgeous with so much to do and see. I think you're going to love it! Where in CO will you be moving? WHEN do you move?
    And are you really selling EVERYTHING you own? EVERYTHING???????

    Justine :o )


  6. HI girls, thank you SO much for the moral support.
    You don't know how much that helps!
    We are just keeping a few family pieces, but
    yep, everything else stays.
    Even my favorite black wicker rocker.....
    The pictures on the walls.........the
    pretty backyard fountain.....all of my
    my accessories.......even my vacuum cleaner.

  7. Wow Gayle... I don't know what to say... congratulations? I'm sorry?? Both I guess. My only advice is to make sure you take what you really love and don't give it to them.

    As far as my news... it has to do with the old house and this one that we're in. NO, I'm not pregnant!!! LOLOLOL I'm fixed ;)


  8. What a beautiful old house. I'm sure you will miss it, but you won't miss the maintenance. Or will you? And where in Colorado are you going? And why? Sorry, I'm new here.

    Gayle, I wanted to thank you for the sweet and supportive comment you left after reading my story. I'm so glad to have learned that there are many Mormons out there who don't allow themselves to be ruled by prejudice. :)

    Good luck with all of the upcoming big events! I will see you around.

  9. Wow! Hugs and tissues from me, too!

  10. What a beautiful house and what a special glad that I stopped by...

  11. Thanks for stopping by, Teresa. It's always
    nice to meet someone out there in blogland.