Monday, July 27, 2009

What a weekend!

(click on pics to enlarge)

Whew, what a weekend!
Pookie and I were in different places but
we both had a wonderful time.
I love that man more than anything,
but c'mon, a girls gotta have girl time.

Am I right???

As I said in my last post, my niece came for the weekend.
We relaxed, watched movies, stayed in our PJs all day
saturday, ate goodies and laughed and giggled and laughed
and giggled some more.
It was wonderful!

On Saturday night, because it was Saturday night, we were
still in our PJ's and fuzzy socks, and feeling a little
goofy, we went to my jewelry box and put on every single
piece of jewelry that had diamonds.
Then we watched our favorite Tyrone Power movie,
THE LONG GRAY LINE, whilst we were all gussied up.

I mean, really......LOOK at that guy!!

They just don't make 'em like Tyrone anymore.
We had a great weekend together. Just the three of us. ;0)

Hey, don't you think Pookie looked a little like Tyrone??
Just take away the mustache. Do ya see it?? lol

I know, I know.. but, to me he does. ;0)

The guys came back late Sunday night. A little scratched up, banged up
and the biggest smiles on their faces I've ever seen.

They had gone to Zion National Park in southern Utah
and did a hike called, The Subway.
It's a 12 mile trek that takes you thru all types of terrain.
They hiked, waded thru water, rapelled and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Let me just interject here. I don't understand the whole nature and
hiking thing. I mean, why do that??
Don't they have calendars with all the pretty pictures, already?
It's a mystery to

Okay, back to the story.
The hike starts before dawn.
You can see a teensy bit of light in the top right corner as they
got their gear ready.

They each have a crazy hat they wear when they go off hiking.
I don't know

Nate already found some water.
That kid is like a water

Beautiful scenery, isn't it?
See the silly hat?

And then, things get a little treacherous.

"Okay Nate, you go first, I'm right behind ya"



"UH, how deep is this exactly???"

(The water was murky is some deeper spots when the mud
got stirred up with some light rain.)

They made it!

After this point, I was told, no pics were taken as they
were all exhausted.

Pookie said he told another guy to take some pics for him
or his wife would kill him.

MOI? lol

Then came the hike out and back to the motel to regroup, eat,
relax and relive their adventure all over again.

On their way home, they stopped at BRYCE CANYON NATIONAL PARK and
took a few pictures right from an easily accessible pathway.

They were all stiff and sore..LOL

Isn't it beautiful????

This is a view of what's called THE AMPITHEATER.

Doesn't it kinda look like stone people down there??
(The bottom middle area.)

They're called HOODOOS.

And, an awesome arch.

It was hectic and they were exhausted when they got back home,
so I didn't take any photos.

There are better bloggers out there than me, that would
have captured every moment.

The guys probably would have locked
me in a closet if I tried. lol

But, we all had a great weekend.

And, I hope y'all did too!


  1. Wow! Amazing photos. I'd probably love the hiking part, not so much the rapelling. LOL. I'm only so brave. Have to say, a night on the couch in diamonds sounds good too. :)

  2. Both hiking and hanging out in PJ's watching movies sound like fun. Great photos!


  3. Sounds to me like I definitely prefer your kind of fun. The hike looked scary to me, but WOW! it's beautiful.

  4. Oh yeah, sounds like the perfect weekend for you and your niece. But Pookie and Nathan? Idiots! Sure, all of it looks gorgeous but all that scary rapelling an such? Waaaaaaaaaaaaa! I'd cry like a baby. And I bet it was hot as hell too!

    Justine :o )