Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A good day

I was doing my wifely duties today......



Unloading the dishwasher.

Mowing the lawn.

I LOVE to mow the lawn!
Don't know why, but I do.
I'm like the neighborhood lawn nazi.

Poor Pookie just shakes his head.

For Mother's Day--he always gets me
something on account of Ziggy--I asked
for a new lawn mower. And, boy did
I get one!

A top o'the line baby, with more
power than I know what to do with.


I've said before, the first time I used
it, it was like a 2 year old attempting
to walk a Great Dane.
I could barely keep up.!

(I also got a gorgeous pair of pearl and
diamond earrings...but, I really love my
mower!! Shhh, that'll be our secret)

You can't tell from this view, but I keep the
lawn really short.
There is a reason for this.

I read somewhere that snakes like to hide in long grass.
And, just beyond that bench is this...

And, I'm SURE there are some little water snakes
slithering around in there.
We'll, they're not gonna hide in my yard!
I cut that lawn like a golf course!

There will be no surprises.

Not on my watch.

When we moved into the house, not only
was the house in horrible condition, so
was the yard.

This is right after we moved in.
We had to put up some temporary
steps so we wouldn't fall thru the
old ones that were rotted.

This is what that same area looked like, right after
Pookie built my special SNAKE PROOF fence,
(you can't be too careful) and
we laid the flagstone patio.
I told him I wanted
a little Zen area. So he also built the arbor
and mounted an old porch swing that he had
bought me a few houses back.

I think it looks better now.

The concrete owls were salvaged from an old Library
in Salt Lake that was going to be demolished.

Pookie brought them home
and now they watch over the backyard for us.

It's weird to look back at the before pictures.

We've done all the work ourselves.

We've sweated,
given up weekends when we could have been
whooping it up somewhere else....

And we put all our love and effort
into our little place that borders on Salt Creek.

It's not a stunner by any stretch.
Some of the homes I've seen out there in blogland
should be in a magazine!
I just look at them with awe.
They are so, so beautiful!!

But, we love our home.

It's us.

An update:

I did great on my first day of my diet!!!
One day behind me, and about 364 more
days to go.

I can do it!!

Thanks to everyone who took time out
of their busy schedules to stop over
and say hi.

You're all sweethearts and I think the
world of you.

You know that, right??!!

I hope you all have a wonderful day!!


  1. Thanks for coming by and viisiting. I LOVE to mow the lawn as well. I told my husband it is my time. He keeps wanting to get me a ride around but it's the only exercise I get so I'll just keep pushing. Well actually, running behind.

  2. Oh wow, Gayle, your yard is AMAZING!!!!!! I mean truly knock-out beautiful! but hey, couldn't Pookie spring for a ride-on? That'd make your job even more fun!

    Justine :o )

  3. Gayle, your yard is gorgeous! What a difference from the before photo. I love the fence. Pookie is a good man!