Tuesday, July 21, 2009

We're back!

Tis a mystery no more.


He took me to our favorite spot in the United States.
Cambria / San Simeon, California!!

It's quiet. It's peaceful. It's romantic. It's got stunning scenery
everywhere you turn and great little shops on Main Street in Cambria.
Uh hello? What more could a girl ask for!!

I didn't take pictures on the way, as there is nothing thrilling
about that part.

I'm going straight to the good stuff!

This is a view of the ocean, obviously, but it is the view
we had right outside our room.

Oh how I had missed hearing the waves breaking and the seagulls.
And, that great ocean smell.
There is nothing like it.

We used to go to Monterey & Carmel when we lived in California,
but it just got sooooo crowded that one vacation we decided to
venture south and we found this little town, Cambria.

Now, darn it, I forgot my camera when we went into town.
And I was having so much fun I didn't
want to go back to the hotel.

Ah.....the hotel.
It was wonderful!!

Here's a little snapshot of the path you walked down to the
beach from our back patio /french doors.

The hotel we stayed at is very doggie friendly,
and there was a nice lawn area you
could go out to and Ziggy could be a dog.

Of course, we always "make the pick" so
other people could enjoy it too, without watching where they step.

When we checked in, Ziggy got a little bag of doggie treats and
his own beach towel. lol
He also had his picture taken!
They have a bulletin board of all the pets that have
accompanied their owners during their stay, and it's really sweet.

Of course, he couldn't WAIT to get to the beach!


C'mon Dad.....get the lead out!!

(see the plastic bag hanging out of Pookie's back pocket?
He's always prepared...lol)

We enjoyed just goofing at the beach for the rest of that day.

We walked along, holding hands and
forgot about everything else.
We watched the sunset. It was spectacular..and you could
hear everyone clapping when it turned orange and pink.
Pure bliss!

And yes, I took a picture, but it didn't turn out! :0(

Then it was off to dinner.
We had an excellent BBQ dinner
from this little restaurant on Main street.

They have THE best brisket I've ever had. Really....
the BEST brisket I've ever had. :0)

I actually managed to stay on my diet...(pretty much)
More on that tomorrow!

The next day we got up, sat out on our patio and enjoyed
a wonderful breakfast while listening to the ocean.

There is nothing like breakfast when you're on vacation.
Am I right????!

It's weird......I almost NEVER have breakfast
when I'm home.
But, when I'm on vacation, it's a must. I look
forward to it and I must have it!

Go figure. lol

After breakfast it was off to a certain beach,
a little north of San Simeon.

Elephant Seal Beach.
What a sight to see!

Those seals are so silly.

They lay out in the sun and every once in a while,
they'll flip up sand on themselves to cool off.
Roll over....bark at each other.....then they'll
flip some more sand....lumber off back to the water,
and do it all over again.

See all those lumps along the beach??? Those are the Elephant Seals!

They are HUGE, but it's amazing how fast they can move
when they want to.

Hey fella. Say CHEESE!

And, there is always the cute little critters that come up
to say hi and get a little goodie from you.

We didn't go to Hearst Castle this time,
as we've been quite a few times before.

We just relaxed, smooched, ate, shopped and slept in. :0)

This is a pretty lighthouse that was nearby.

And, before we knew it, it was time to leave for home.

Bye bye Lighthouse.
Bye bye cute seals and squirrels.
Bye bye Ocean.

The trip home was uneventful, which can be a good thing.

Pookie is always good to stop for me.

At every outlet mall, every antique shop and
nearly every In-N-Out burger on the way. lol

Before you knew it, we were back home.

When we arrived, I went out to check on
the flowers in the front yard, and this beautiful creature
was there to welcome us home.

Can you see it???

What a wonderful time we had.



  1. Hi Gayle, so glad you stopped by. Thank you for the sweet note about my roses. Well it looks like you're enjoying your own little slice of Heaven too!

  2. Oh Gayle, this sounds like absolute bliss. Perfection!!!!! I wish you would have taken pictures of your hotel room, 'cause from the outside I can tell it was really gorgeous. And dog friend and giving Zigs treats? Holy crap, what more could you possibly ask for? Pookie ROCKS!
    Let me ask you this though. Nothing is really tying you to Utah, right? Why not move there if you love it so much?
    And did you go swimming or is that water just way too cold?

    Justine :o )

  3. Hey girls,
    Thanks for stopping by!

    Justy; Huh! lol The Pookster still hasn't
    retired. He just finished the Church History Library in Salt Lake and they've asked him to
    do another project with them. Almost a million sq ft. I'm sure your hubby knows all about that!(the last one was a joing venture), so we're still here.
    Even though, he has PROMISED me he was going to retire. Yeah...uh huh, I'm not holding my breath.
    California is alot more populated than it used to be when I grew up there. It's a great place to visit, but don't really want to live there anymore.
    So, we just have little mini vacations and get our fix.
    You'd never catch me swimming in water where I couldn't see my feet..cold or not. lol