Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I'm a tweaker.

Below are some pictures
of our upstairs guest bathroom.
We completed the remodel late last year.
New paint, tile, vanity, toilet, fixtures and beadboard wainscott,
the whole sha-bang.

I love this color. It is the softest, most peaceful green I could
find out there.
It's a BEHR color called Lion.

We're really lucky to have a large closet in
this space, too. We have looked at
other Victorian homes before, that didn't even have A closet.

Can you imagine???? No closets???

This is the floor that I toiled over for days. I laid the tile
myself and I think it really works well in keeping the feel of
the house.

Okay, I thought everything looked fresh, clean and had that vintage vibe I
was going for.
But, something was missing........hmmmmmmm.

What was it??..............

Pretty handhooked wool rug........ check
Vintage style brushed nickel faucet....check
A little wood table for interest..........check


And, then it came to me!
That area, shown in the first pic, with the two pictures?????
It was crying out for some shelves.

So, in about 20 minutes, Pookie put these shelves up for me and
I painted them the creamy white trim color, Eggshell Cream.
Kinda gives the room a little spa-ish oomph to it.

And now, finally, I LOVE my upstairs guest bathroom.
I'm tweaked out.

P.S. No, my house
doesn't actually lean like that. lol
Leaning pictures and wall discolorations are the fault
of the camera or the picture-taker, me.


  1. Beautiful! The shelves really did make a huge difference. I think you've tweaked this to perfection. Green is my favorite color to decorate with.

    Do you know about Picnik (Picnik.com)? It's a free and easy photo editing site that will take the "lean" out of your photos...plus much more! If you love to tweak, wait until you see all the tweaking you can do with Picnik! Fun! Fun! Fun! :)

  2. {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Gayle}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} It is SO GOOD to see you again!!!!!! I've read all your posts here and it just made me miss you more! It's like suddenly you dropped off the face of the earth. Emails went unanswered, etc. A lot of us were very worried about you, knowing the struggle you were going through.
    But now that I've got you back, don't think you are going to be squirming out of my clutches so easily! I just became a follower (do the same for me, please!) and will stalk you relentlessly.
    I've finally seen a picture of Pookie, even if it is from 40 years ago! and Ziggy! Awwww... I've missed hearing about the Zigmeister!

    Email me too!

    Justine :o )

  3. Hey Gaylster, how's the homestead?
    You figured out this blogging thing! I think you're going to like it!