Thursday, July 23, 2009

What's up for this weekend.

Hi Everybody!
I hope everyone is having a wonderful day.

Tomorrow is a state holiday in Utah.
It's Pioneer Day!
And, it's a big deal here in the Beehive State.
People are all geared up, dressed up and ready
to whoop it up, Utah style.
I won't have my camera, but it's just parades and
stuff down here. You know how I feel about

Pookie, my nephew Nathan, and a group of guy friends are
going down to Zion National Park
to hike The Subway.
There's water....there's cool rock formations, etc.
He's taking my camera and has
promised to take pictures or have someone on the hike
do it for me.

Do you hear that Pook???? You promised!

(pics can be enlarged by clicking on them)

Meet Nathan.

Nate just returned in December, from a 2 year mission
to the Philippines.
I'm soooo thankful he's home and safe.
Unlike going into the service where you have some protection,
they just go out into the world, with one other companion,
and it can be a little scary.

I'm staying home because other than the ocean, I don't "do" nature.
If there is a chance for snakes, Gayle won't be attending.
Don't even try.
:0) niece is coming down for a girls weekend
and I can't wait.
I've made all her favorites. Coconut cake and pineapple
upside down cake.

I also made an apple pie for the guys, at their request.

Not to worry, I have my little mini Hostess 100 calorie
cupcakes with the white squiggle across the top.
I'm on it!

Meet Miss Blair. Aka Blair bear, Miss Blairsy, Princess B.

She got married a couple of years ago, but still comes down
to visit her Auntie Gayle.
Her hubby, Josh, is a sweetheart
and lets her whenever she needs some girlie time.

Thank you Josh. :0)

Blair and Nathan are very close, which I'm thankful for. They
lived with us for quite a few years, so I feel like they're mine.

Brother and sister share a hug right after Blair got married.

I'm prepared with our favorite girlie movies.
Moonstruck, The Wedding Singer, Fools Rush In, and
anything with Tyrone Power in it.(We loooove Tyrone!)

All the goodies are lined up.

Hmmmm, somebody already cut into the apple pie.
That was supposed to be for Nathan too!!

And the silly pj's and fuzzy socks are waiting.

Blair gets the polka dots, and I get the stripes.
(If Ziggy will relinquish them)

I can't wait for the weekend to start!

Everybody out there in blogland, have a wonderful weekend!!

UPDATE on the diet:
4.2 lbs and counting. YEAH BABY!


  1. Sounds like fun! I just want to know how you can make such glorious desserts and still manage to lose weight!


  2. Wow, talk about a beautiful family! yeesh! And how sweet that you've got all those goodies prepared for them and even bought soft pjs for you and Blair!!!! Have TONS of fun!

    Justine :o )

  3. Hi Gayle :)

    Sounds like a wonderful weekend to me! Speaking of.... your trip out to the beach looked fantastic!! I miss the ocean terribly sometimes, so it's great to see it here :)

    Enjoy your girl time!

    Oh and yes, I am GLAD it's over and we're home LOL