Monday, September 28, 2009

Fall Colors and Big News!

It's that time of the year when all the leaves
are changing to their gorgeous yellows, oranges
and stunning reds.

(click on pictures to enlarge)

Pookie, in his wisdom, decided this last
weekend that it was time
to take his beloved Packard up the canyon to
view nature at it's best.

This being the first time he'd taken it on such
an uphill climb, we thought it might be
prudent if I followed in the Jeep.

(Not that I don't have complete confidence
in the Pookster's ability to totally rebuild
the unit)

But, just in

We stopped just a little ways into the
trip to make sure everything was ok.

Ms. Packard was doing great! See
no smoke or anything.

So, onward and upward!

There was a nice peaceful place to stop and have a little
something to eat. Birds were chirping, squirrels were
running amuck.

And, the colors were getting more and more
brilliant as we toodled up the hill.

After taking a little walk, and
enjoying this beautiful scenery,
it was time to head back.

There he goes......

Wow, he's going fast....


Now for the big news.
It's official, we are moving
back to Colorado in 2 weeks!

I think we'll land back in Evergreen
where we lived before. We loved it
there. The mountains and the wildlife
are just incredible.

But first, we'll be celebrating my birthday
next week in Disneyland,(my choice)then drive
up the California coast and visit some friends
and his parents before we head back to get
ready to move....again!! lol

The big guys with their big truck will be doing
the heavy lifting and driving this time,
thank goodness!

So, I hope everybody out there is enjoying their
own beautiful scenery and this gorgeous fall

Soon I'll have some really fun
and different pictures to post for ya.

A big hi and hugs to all my friends out
there in Blogland!!


  1. YAY!!!
    am glad you'll be back in Colorado..
    and perhaps we can meet up for coffee and chat!
    will you be in the beautiful victorian?
    It is gorgeous!
    oh I am just so excited for you!!!
    ♥hugs and big smiles!!

  2. I can hardly wait!!
    like I said..AM so excited..

  3. Good morning Gayle :)

    That car is so cool!!
    Have fun at Disneyland. I'm really jealous.

    Has he seen the house yet????? I'm in love too!


    PS the JCP sofa is GREAT!

  4. Hi Gayle,
    Boy do you look so pretty sitting in your lovely car. Great job Pookie! The colors are beautiful in them thar hills.

  5. Great scenery, fabulous car, and a sweet, pretty lady! It looks like ya'll had a wonderful outing. :)

  6. Gayle! You didn't say if you're getting the house Pookie was looking at!!!!!!!! Argh!!!!! But congrats to finally know you're moving and when! Woot woot!

    His car is gorgeous, but sorry, the scenery was even more pretty!!!

    Justine :o )