Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Surprise!

I was up at 4am to see Pookie off on his
business trip.
I was running around in my favorite
flannel santa sock monkey pj's,
(it's already cold here in the mornings)
trying to get his breakfast made and
make sure he had everything he needed for

And to slip a little love note into his briefcase.

See, I told ya. Santa sock monkeys. I actually have

Okay, to tell you the truth I was relieved when
he was all ready and walked me back to the bedroom,
with Ziggy trotting right behind, to say goodbye.

Pookie is a morning person, and I am not.
By any stretch of the

So I told him I loved him, to have a safe
trip and to call when he landed. was my chance to drift back to lala land for
a little while.

I woke up a few hours later to this:

(Just look at that mauve countertop! She didn't
miss a beat did

And included with the flowers was a little note
telling me that he'll miss me and that while
he's gone I should take it this!

I do not know how he got those things in the house without
me hearing him!
That man is one sneaky bugger!

I just love it!
I adore needlepoint and the colors are
so pretty.
It even kinda matches the mauve, don't ya think? lol

It also goes well with a little antique
footstool that I've had for decades.
Something that I managed not to sell along
with the house.

I don't know where he
found it...or when he
bought it.

But, I think it might look perfect in the house
(see last post) that he's going to check out while
he's away.

I'll keep you posted.

I hope everyone out there has a wonderful


  1. Wow, what a great guy that Pookie seems to be! Roses AND a chair...he "done gooood!" Seriously, I am amazed at this thoughfulness but also his ability to pick out furniture. You are very blessed, Gayle. :)

  2. That Pookie is a keeper (just in case you were thinking otherwise! LOL)
    Enjoy your pretty roses and your beautiful new chair.
    Hugs, Bridget

  3. What a sweet guy and a pretty quiet one too! Hugs! Diane

  4. OMG, Gayle. Is he one of the most romantic men out there, or what????? I cannot believe this. Never in a million years would Jimmy do something like this. Never! I am sooooooooooooo happy there are women out there that get treated to wonderful surprises like this. You soooooooooooo deserve it! Wow, that chair is amazing. Any idea how old it is?
    Keeping everything crossed that the house you found is everything you've dreamed of!

    Justine :o )